It’s been two years since Steph left us. I still miss her. We all do. I saw a great quote from Steph’s mom today on Facebook on what is essentially Steph’s memorial page – “you no longer have to prove yourself to others. You’ve already made your impact on many people.” I’m paraphrasing, I’m sure, but I love the sentiment. Rest easy, friend. 



I feel terrible that I haven’t updated this memorial regularly. Been a little inundated. What I’d like to do is make sure the top post on this blog is directions on how to donate to Steph’s memorial fund. Visit THIS PAGE and consider giving to help Steph’s memory live on.

Steph’s Dilemma

Weeks before her passing, Steph published an incredibly brave essay via tumblr about her pondering if she still considered herself a Lady Gaga fan or not. This was a big deal because Steph considered herself part of this community and states it, as well as Gaga, are big parts of the reason why she has changed so much as a person. It’s amazingly self aware and contemplative, so read it HERE


As has been prevalent in any memorial about Stephanie, everyone knew she was a huge Lady Gaga fan, aka a Little Monster. In the wake of her passing, there has been a great deal of activity from fellow fans to make sure she is not forgotten.

Screencapture from paying tribute to Steph.
Screen capture from paying tribute to Stephanie Picher.

Along with the memorial video that gained a lot of attention (here) and Tiffa’s ARTPOPmessages show dedicated to her (here), fans have made other efforts, with Rhiannon putting together a team effort in a memorial scrapbook, to others getting the message directly to singer Gaga about the passing of one of her biggest fans.

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Herald News Pieces

The Herald News of Massachusetts published two great pieces about Stephanie’s life, and I thank them, especially Brian Fraga, for their compassion. This piece by Benjamin Paulin features an interview and photos of Steph’s mom, Pamela (link) and this article has an interview with her brother, Patrick, as well as myself, the blog runner and one of Steph’s many friends (link).

“untitled” free form writing

Written & published by Steph Picher on May 3rd 2011 – There are some moments in time that are different from the status quo. For some reason, these moments deserve a second look, and occasionally they can profoundly affect the directions my mind and body decide to take. They can sometimes change and save my life. They can also send me in a downward tailspin. They are the proverbial roller coasters andĀ ups and downs of life, and essentially how we define ourselves from moment to moment. When I think about the timeline of my life lately, there are several events or instances that have done more than just promote a continued, “normal” existence. Continue reading